Our experienced locticians are pleased to offer you a free consultations for any of our dreadlock treatments.

We work daily with a variety of hair textures and can advise you on the best method for creating, extending, maintaining or repairing your dreadlocks, regardless of your hair type. As we are all trained hairdressers your hairs’ strength and your scalp’s condition are of the utmost importance.

We have coined a number of methods unique to our locticians and salon, which we are flattered to say have been imitated by many.


New dreadlocks (full-head/partial) – Price on consultation
Single dreadlock – from £5 each
Dreadlock extensions – Price on consultation
Dreadlock maintenance (interlocking/crotchet) – £55-65 per hour
Dreadlock maintenance (re-twist) – £45-95
Wash and dry – £10-25
Dreadlock repair – £3-5 each or £65 per hour
Styling – £15-30
Shaping/Trimming – £10-30

Please note that we can only offer new dreadlocks for hair that is longer than 4-5″ in length.

We offer free consultations to help us advise on the best option and method for you to begin this hair journey. Once we see your hair we can advise on the time is should approximately take, and what you should roughly expect to pay.