Camden Locks

An Alternative Experience

At Camden Locks, we have been able to differentiate ourselves from other salons by offering alternative styling.

For us, being alternative doesn’t mean being unusual, it means being extraordinary.

We treat all of our customers as individuals, and don’t believe that a hairstyle or tattoo is ‘one size fits all’.


One of our most popular services is dreadlocks. We are privileged to have been making and maintaining dreadlocks in London for over 25 years.

We work on all hair textures, which many other locticians may struggle to do.

As we are all trained hairdressers your hairs’ strength and your scalp’s condition are of the utmost importance.

We are flattered to say that many hair salons and less experienced locticians have tried to imitate our techniques, but we are the original and still the best.

We can advise you on the best method for creating and maintaining your dreadlocks. 


We are pleased to offer our clientele a full range of hair services at Camden Locks.

All of our stylists are well-versed in the usual hairdressing services that you would expect from any top salon. We offer hair services for both ladies and gents.

We provide services including, cutting, colouring, styling, extensions, permanent straightening treatments, as well as more alternative styles.

Tattoos & Piercing

We boast a clean and fully licensed tattoo and piercing studio on Camden Locks premises.

Part of the Camden Locks team is our experienced tattoo artists.

Our artists offer free consultations to help you decide on the design which is best for you, and your body.

They can create your custom bespoke tattoo for you while you wait, or work from your specified design.

Our piercers use only the best titanium jewellery to make all new piercings. They offer an extensive list of piercing services to cater for all clients, as well as full aftercare instructions and cleaning solution.

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